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Students at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School are taught by a highly committed faculty who provide instruction resulting in outstanding academic accomplishments and achievements. Teachers are encouraged to attend various development programs in religious content and methodology which are offered from the Diocese Catechist Certification Program.  All teachers of religion are certified according to a process that was developed by the Catholic School Office of the Diocese of Belleville.

Teachers are available for conferences before and after school by appointment during the school year.  There is required parent-teacher conference held in the fall of each school year.  If you have questions at any time, please schedule an appointment with your child's teacher or send them an email.   

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(Mrs. Tretter’s Homepage / Mrs. Tretter’s News)


(Mrs. Burris’ Homepage / Mrs. Burris’ News)

1st Grade

(Mrs. Haake’s Homepage / Mrs. Haake’s News)
(Mrs. Cochran’s Homepage / Mrs. Cochran’s News)   

2nd Grade
  (Mrs. Russell’s Homepage / Mrs. Russell’s News)
(Mrs. Gosha’s Homepage / Mrs. Gosha’s News)

3rd Grade 

(Miss Sizemore's Homepage / Miss Sizemore's News-TBA)
(Mrs. Davies’ Homepage / Mrs. Davies’ News-TBA)

4th Grade

(Mrs. Lowe's Homepage Mrs. Lowe’s News)                                                                     

5th Grade

(Ms. Doughty’s Homepage / Ms. Doughty’s News)

6th Grade

     (Ms. Lowe’s Homepage / Ms. Lowe’s News)                                                                (Miss Velasquez Homepage / Miss Velasquez News)

7th Grade 

(Mrs. Smillie’s Homepage / Mrs. Smillie’s News)

8th Grade

(Ms. Davis’ Homepage Ms. Davis’ News)


(Mrs. Wayer’s Homepage / Mrs. Wayer’s News)

Physical Education 

(Mr. Crain’s Homepage - TBA / Mr. Crain's News -TBA)


(Miss Velasquez Homepage / Miss Velasquez News)


(Miss Borgman's Homepage / Ms. Borgman's News - TBA)


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