The Band Program is open to all interested students in grades 5-8.  The focus is to develop the individual players to the best of their ability.  A full band experience is given, which focuses on using learned skills, playing music of different styles and cultures.  Wind and percussion instruments of the concert band are taught at OLMC.  In addition to the band experience, students are given the opportunity to play solos and ensembles for contest and other events. Students will enjoy making music, and making new friends.  All band members have a regularly scheduled lesson each week, plus a one hour practice with either beginning or advanced band depending upon their skill level.  OLMC Band is taught by Mrs. Christie Allen.

Band 2

                                     Beginning Band 

Students are generally accepted in 5th grade on any instrument in Beginning Band, until a section is filled.  This allows for a balanced instrumentation to be obtained.  Students in upper grades are welcome to join at any time.  The following skills are taught:  reading of notes, counting of rhythms, tone production and tone quality. Percussion players are required to pass a rhythm pre-test to be admitted in the program.  Students have a 20 minute private lesson weekly and a practice with the Beginner Band on Wednesdays from 7:20-8:00.  

                      Advanced Band


The Advanced Band is a continuation of the Beginning Band for students who have passed mandatory entrance requirements. Students receive a 20 minute private lesson each week, and the Advanced Band meets for practice on Tuesdays from 7:20-8:00.  A primary focus for advanced students is to develop playing skills that will prepare them for high school and college band programs.  Students learn a variety of musical styles with technical difficulty and music appreciation applications.  


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