4th Grade


Welcome to 4th Grade!  This can be a very transitional year in many ways for students.  The children seem to reach a new level of maturity, both emotionally and academically.  Their reading interests and levels change drastically at this age.  Math evolves from a drill and practice type approach to higher level thinking and problem solving.  

4th grade curric.

Children can expect to read a lot this year!  We will break away from our text book and read several novels.  There will be a continued practice of math facts, and students will learn many new mathematic terms, as well as how to solve problems using words.  There are also higher expectations of student writing at this level.  Points are taken for incomplete sentences and puctuation throughout every subject.  It is always interesting to see writing samples at the beginning of the year as compared to the end of the year.  Although the academic expectations become increasingly more difficult, fourth grade is a very fun year for students.  Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:

Monday -- Library, P.E.

Tuesday -- Music

Wednesday -- P.E., Music

Thursday -- Mass

Friday -- Mass, Library

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