2nd Grade

2nd gradeAnimated Gif Religion (5)

Second Grade is a very special year for students!  The children will prepare to celebrate their Sacraments.   First Communion is the highlight of the sacramental year on the first Sunday in May.  The sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated in early winter.  Students are always eager to participate and will help plan our student Masses.  Children will attend Mass one day each week, as well as the Friday All School Masses.   

The curriculum in Second Grade will begin with  addition and subtraction, but quickly move into money, higher level additon and subtraction, multiplication, measurement and much more!  Language is learned at a fast pace in sentence formation, parts of speech and writing.  Jingles and interactive board activities make this subject so much fun, which helps the students experience great successes. Science has a large range in units that will be studied:  Earth, Space, Plants and Animals are just to name a few of them.  Students will enjoy science experiments of all types as well.  

2nd grade curric

Reading will be a primary focus.  Students will be working in their current Reading books as well as beginning our brand new Accelerated Reader Program.  We will share many genres of books and enjoy a variety of subjects and characters.  Spelling and Phonics are connected to our Reading Program in order to develp students vocabulary, fluency and to broaden their word attack skills.   Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:

2nd grade curric.

                         (Russell)                                             (Cochran)                        

                Monday -- Music                             Monday -- Music, Library 

                Tuesday -- P.E.                                Tuesday -- P.E.

          Wednesday -- P.E.                           Wednesday -- P.E.  

              Thursday -- Mass, Library               Thursday -- Mass

                   Friday -- Mass, Art, Music               Friday -- Mass, Art, Music

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