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Welcome to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic School!  At OLMC, education is a high priority.  Our school provides a loving, learning environment where the entire community of teachers, parents and students are committed to academic and personal successes.  We seek to prepare children in mind and spirit during these formative years, to give them the tools necessary to live a life full of hope, peace and joy, regardless of what challenges the future might hold for them.  OLMC School strives to teach students by nourishing them through Catholic teachings and values in order to make the reign of God ever visible.

Our Lady of Mr. Carmel School takes great pride in remaining in the forefront of Catholic education.  We offer small classes with experienced teachers.  We also embrace the need to develop technology literate students that will be prepared to succeed in our technological society.  Our school's technology includes 70 iPads (grades K-3) in a syncing mobile cart, a mobile lab of Netbooks (grades 3-5), two wireless laser printers (elementary building), a mobile lab of laptops and two mobile labs of 50 Chromebooks (grades 6-8), and a 12-station desktop lab.  The entire school has internet accessibility and all computers are on a local network.  We have interactive whiteboard technology in 100% of our (K-8) classrooms.  Management of the integration of technology across the curriculum and in the classroom to better enhance the education of staff and students is a priority at OLMC.  

Close individualized attention by faculty and staff enables each student to receive the special attention they need in a safe and supportive environment.  We  believe it is imperative to continue to make every effort not only to meet the local and state standards, but to surpass them.

about us

We welcome the attendance of non-Catholic students to share experiences of values and faith.  We believe this diversity within our student population strengthens our ecumenical goals.  At OLMC, we emphasize values which encourage students to accept others rather than exclude them.  We teach children to understand the difference between right and wrong, and how to serve God by being respectful, kind, caring and responsible to others. 


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