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Regular school attendance helps childen develop their greatest potential academically, spiritually, and socially.  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School places a great deal of emphasis on prompt and regular attendance because it develops responsibility and promotes learning.  Parents are discouraged from taking their children out of school for vacations and other activities.  If a student will be late or absent to school, the parent must call the school office at (618) 942-4484 before 9:00 am unless previous arrangements have been made.  Information to be given includes the student and parent's names, the student's grade level and teacher's name, and the reason for the absence.  OLMC follows the Franklin/Williamson Truancy guidelines and procedures which states that 10% absences by a student requires a referral to the county officer.

** OLMC School Handbook -- Attendance Policy 

Dress Code

dress code

Students are to dress and groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean and appropriate to a Catholic school environment.  It is the policy of this school that students must be dressed in such a way as not to be a source of distraction to other students and teachers. The administration and faculty are responsible for interpreting dress regulations.  Students are expected to adhere to the dress code while during school hours. The school uniform should always be worn with dignity and proper decorum on or off-campus, and students are expected to conduct themselves properly when in their school uniform.  When students dishonor the dress code, there are steps that will occur, such as signed notes and/or direct communication with parents, etc.; furthermore, students will be sent home from school if they consistently disobey the dress code.  

During Free Dress Days, which fall on the first 2:00 pm dismissal each month, students are not required to wear the standard uniform.  Oversized clothing, sun dresses, tank tops and shoes with open toes or heels will not be allowed.  Students restricted from wearing clothing depicting advertisements or slogans for any alcohol or tobacco products, or any illegal drug or inappropriate messages or pictures.  

** OLMC School Handbook -- Dress Code Policy

Visitor Policy


It is school policy that ALL visitors to the school must sign in at the front office without exception, and regardless of the time of day.  This includes visitors who are meeting with a teacher or working as a volunteer.  This policy increases security on our campus and helps ensure that no unauthorized person enters our school.  Our check-in and check-out sheets are located in the lobby of the main office in Cabrini Hall.  All visitors and volunteers must wear their visitor badges in plain sight at all times while on school grounds.  It is not necessary to check in and out during PTO meetings, school programs, athletic events, etc. 

Emergency Policy


In cast of severe weather conditions or emergencies, cancellation of school will be announced through the OLMC SchoolMessenger Notification System.  Parents may also check the school website.  Such information will also be announced on television station WSIL (Channel 3).  


Each family needs a plan to provide care and transportation for students in case of inclement weather, bad road conditions, or other emergencies altering school hours.  It is important that parents indicate on school forms the names of individuals allowed to pick up your children.  We cannot release students to anyone that is unauthorized by the parents.  For a complete list of all school policies, click here to view the Student Handbook.

** OLMC School Handbook -- Miscellaneous Policies

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