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student council

OLMC School Student Council gives students a chance to help make decisions affecting the school.  In addition to being a wonderful learning experience, it demonstrates to the students that they have a voice in the school and that adults value their input.  The Student Council provides students with a model of the democratic decision-making process. This important school organization promotes the goals of leadership, scholarship, citizenship, human relations and cultural values.  This representative group is the heart of the student activity program. They are  responsible for organizing and planning Student Council fundraisers, community service projects, athletics concessions and School Dances.  For more information about Student Council, contact our Sponsor, Ms. Mindy Davis at (618) 942-4484 or by email at mavis@olmcschool.net.

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Officers 2012-13

President - TBA

Vice President - TBA

Secretary - TBA

Treasurer - TBA

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Class Representatives:

6th Grade - TBA

7th Grade - TBA

8th Grade - TBA

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