Kindergarten marks a huge milestone for children and parents.  It will be a year filled with many firsts.  These children are developing social, academic, and faith skills that will last them for a lifetime.  They will learn about school rules, meet new friends, and become more independent.  Students will study reading, writing, math, religion, social studies, and science.  They will begin to identify letters, sounds, and grow into reading simple sentences and stories very soon after that!  Work stations will be an integral part of everyday learning. 

Our Math curriculum consists of hands-on lessons and independent work to teach math concepts such as number recognition, addition and subtraction.  We will also incorporate Science and Social Studies units into the school year.  In Religion, we will celebrate the story of Creation and continue to learn about feast days, saints, weekly scriptures, and what it means to be a Christian.  Children will also attend Mass each Friday morning, as well as any special Masses planned throughout the year.  Their educational experience will be enriched with music, art, technology and library instruction. There will be individual assessments of specific skills through class work on a daily basis.  Kindergarten students are dismissed five minutes early each day at 2:55 pm.   Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:

Haley & Brianna

                                  (Burris / Gosha)                                       

                                Monday — Music                                                                 

                                  Tuesday -- PE

                             Wednesday --  Music                          

                                  Thursday -- PE                           

                              Friday -- Library, Art                                  


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