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The Accelerated Reading Program is a software program that promotes reading from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The program features personalized reading quizzes on thousands of books at every grade level, which allows students to progress at their own reading pace.  

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Once a student finishes a book, they take a short reading quiz.  The student will receive points depending on his reading level and quiz score.  The quizzes help teachers and parents to monitor the reading level and comprehension of each child.  A variety of incentives are used at each teacher's discretion to reward student. Incentives may be small prizes which can be purchased each month at the "AR Store" from points earned to special privileges in the classroom.  The prizes this year were generously donated by the OLMC School Committee.  

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The Accelerated Reader Program has been motivating students to read books within their grade levels for longer that 20 years.  The goal of the AR Program is to help develop a "lifelong love of reading and learning".

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