Common Core


                    Catholic Superintendents Clarify Common Core

Common Core:  The superintendents of Catholic schools in the six dioceses of Illinois have issued a statement regarding Common Core State Standards in an effort to clarify that the standards are a set of educational goals students should seek to attain – they are not a curriculum.

“Standards are not new to our instructional purpose,” the six superintendents wrote in the statement.”  Curriculum in our schools previously focused on diocesan curricular standards and the Illinois Learning Standards, which we adopted and aligned to core academic areas.  Similarly, the Common Core standards are an outcomes-based vehicle that seeks the best instructional methods for educating our children.”

The superintendents stress that hallmarks of a Catholic education – such as creativity, critical and analytical thinking, real-world application, academic rigor, and an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ – will not be compromised by Common Core standards.

"We will determine what to adapt from the Common Core standard according to what best fits our unique mission.  We will never allow the faith and the education of our children to be compromised,” they wrote.  


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