School Board

school board picThe OLMC School Board is established by the pastor to assist him and the school's principal in the governance of the school program.  Board recommendations are binding throughout the school upon ratification of the pastor.  There are nine members (seven elected and one appointed), three ex-officio members (the pastor, principal, OLMC Church Liaison), and a Liaison from the regional Catholic church with the largest number of students attending the school. Also in attendance as needed are a representative from School Committee, PTO, OLMC School Faculty, and the Athletic Director.  Elected members serve a three-year term.  Elections are held annually in the spring of the school year. 

2016-2017 School Board Members

                                                   President - Leigh Bedokis-Gusta
                                           Vice President - Barry Vesciglio
                                                   Secretary - Tammy Pullum

:    Mary Bondioli
                                                                       Brad Heard
                                                                       Michelle Rickard
                                                                       Monica Schramm
                                                                       Todd Ward                                                      

                                                        Pastor -
 Monsignor Kenneth Schaefer                                         
                                                    Principal -
 Faye Myatt
             OLMC Pastoral Council Liaison - Marlyn Cairatti
                   St. Joseph's Church Liaison - Mary Belanger

The OLMC School Board meetings are at 6:00 pm in the Holy Family Room at Cabrini Hall.  Dates of the meetings each month are available on the School Event Calendar.  Meetings are open to all parents, students, staff and Williamson County parishioners.  Anyone who wishes to address the Board should contact the School Board President or Principal at least 7 days in advance of the meeting with their request.  Minutes from each meeting are posted monthly on the website.

**Welcome Letter from OLMC School Board 

** OLMC School Board Bylaws

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