Pre-K Program Information

The OLMC Pre-K Program is for children ages 3 to 4 years old who are fully potty trained.  The program will follow the same school policies and procedures that are outlined in the OLMC Parent/Student Handbook.   Please take time to view the policies of school before the school year begins.  Due to the nature of the Pre-K Program, there are some additional policies and procedures that need to be addressed.


PRE-K 5 Days             $3,620.00
PRE-K 3 Days             $2,965.00
Pre-K 2 Days               

                                                  PTO Fee                     $10.00 per family

Methods of tuition payment:

  • Payment in full at registration
  • Two payments, one in July and the other in January
  • Ten equal monthly installments through automatic withdrawal from a checking account or automatic credit from a credit card account on the 15th of each month beginning July and ending in April.

Lunch & Snacks:  The Pre-K students will be served the same school lunch that our kitchen staff prepares for the entire school.  A lunch menu will be sent home each month.  Your child is welcome to bring a lunch from home.  Milk will be served with lunch and you will receive a lunch bill each month.  PLEASE LET OUR STAFF KNOW IF YOUR CHILD HAS ANY FOOD ALLERGIES.

Snacks:  Snacks will need to be donated by each family on the first day of school.  All of the following items will be accepted:

Graham Crackers     Pretzels                  Cookies          Teddy Grahams       Poptarts

Animal Crackers      Cheez-its                  Goldfish       Popcorn

Fruit Snacks             Fresh Fruit

* Water is served at snack


Academic:    Mother Goose Time & Accelerated Reader

Religious:     Pflaum Gospel Weeklies

Probation:  Any Pre-K student that attends Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is considered probationary until “sufficient period of time” has passed to guarantee that any special needs of the child can be met by existing Our Lady of Mt. Carmel curriculum and resources.

“Sufficient time” is to be judged by the principal and teachers involved, on a case-by-case basis, preferably not to exceed six weeks.  Each student and parent will confer with the principal and teachers after this time to ensure that the student is able to meet success in his/her new environment.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School reserves the right at any time to require that any student with needs that cannot be met by existing curriculum or staff (as decided by the Pastor, Principal and teachers involved) not be enrolled at this school.

Toileting:  Children entering the Pre-K program are expected to be independently potty trained.  This includes:

  • Letting us know when they need to use the bathroom
  • Wiping all by themselves
  • Pulling down and up pants

We know accidents will happen, however excessive accidents will result in a review of your child’s readiness in our program.  We will be supervising during bathroom breaks.

Attendance:  Please notify the school office if your child will be absent.  If your child will be gone for an extended period due to a vacation, we would appreciate notification prior to his/her absence.

Check in/out:  Parents are to sign their children in and out every day.  Please make sure the staff is aware of your child’s arrival and departure.

Birthdays:  You may bring a birthday treat for your child and we will celebrate the birthday during the afternoon snack.  We ask that you provide one treat for each child in the class.  All treats must be store bought!

Classroom Rules:  Listen to the person talking; follow directions; keep hands and feet to yourself; walk; use kind words; if you get it out, put it back; clean up after yourself.

Daily summary sheet:  Each day your child will have a daily sheet in their cubbie which will let you know how their day went.  The sticker will let you know their behavior, which center they played in, what they ate for lunch and how they rested.  Most importantly, if there was an incident with your child that day there will be a note at the bottom of the sheet explaining what happened.  Please talk with your child about this.

Dress Code:  We do not require the Pre-K students to wear the school uniform.  Please make sure your child is dressed comfortably for the day.  There will be lots of opportunities to play and stains will happen.  We will make every attempt to play outside during large motor time.  Please make sure your child is appropriately dressed for the weather.  Flip flops, Crocs, and open-toed shoes will not be allowed due to the mulch on the playground.

Illness:  If your child becomes ill during the school day, we will call you and request that you pick your child up for school.  If your child has thrown up, had a fever or diarrhea they have to wait 24 hours from the time it happened before coming back to school.  If your child has a fever of 100 degrees we ask that you keep them home.

Early Dismissal:   Parents will be notified if it is necessary to close school before 2:45 p.m.  Early dismissal dates for faculty meetings are listed on the school calendar.  There is always a 2:00 p.m. dismissal the first Monday of each month for faculty meetings.

Mass Attendance:  Pre-K will attend mass on any All School Mass Days starting in September.  This will be every Friday and sometimes throughout the week.  Look at your monthly calendar for these days.

Toys:  Toys from home will not be accepted at school.  There is a high chance that they will get broken, damaged or lost.  One soft animal will be allowed for rest time only.

If at any time you have a concern or just want to speak with the teacher about your child, please feel free to ask!  Please know that we will make all decisions based on the safety and best interest of the child.

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