Tuitions, Fees, and Assessments Information

# Of Students    K-­8th Grade (CATHOLIC)    K-­8th Grade (NON-­CATHOLIC)     Book Fees

              1                        $3,170.00                                    $4,950.00                         $175.00

              2                        $5,245.00                                    $9,800.00                         $350.00

              3                        $6,520.00                                    

              4                        $7,045.00    

              5                        $7,570.00

                                                  PTO Fees = $ 10.00 per family
                                                  Book Fee = $185 per child

The School Committee contributes $850.00 per family towards tuition.  Families are asked to work 24 hours at fundraising for the committee in return.

Methods of tuition payment:

●  Payment in full at registration

●  Two payments, one in July and the other in January

●  Ten equal monthly installments through automatic withdrawal from a checking account or automatic credit from a credit card account on the 15th of each month beginning July and ending in April.                          

Parental concerns regarding delinquent tuition or family hardships must be directed to the Principal.   Should a family become delinquent, and there is no communication or effort made to correct the situation, the children affected will be discontinued at the end of the quarter in which the delinquency occurs.  A family can reinstate their enrollment by the payment of all tuition and fees that are due to date.  Payment must be made prior to the first day of the next quarter.  Tuition refunds will be issued on case-­by-­case bases.  Refunds will not include the period the student was present.

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