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Students' dress reflects their approach to studies, respect for themselves and the members of the faculty/staff, as well as their behavior as it affects their fellow students.  The faculty and administration feel very strongly about the need to keep our dress code policy enforced for the purpose of keeping our students looking neat and presenting a positive image.  For specific guidelines on OLMC uniforms, please carefully consult the Dress Code Policy from the Student Handbook.  Uniform clothing items may be purchased anywhere as long as they meet dress code requirements.  One economical company which actually benefits the school from purchases made by OLMC families is French Toast (school source code is QS5LKPP) and offers our exclusive school crest.  

OLMC maintains a small Uniform Room on the first floor of the elementary school building.  PTO volunteers help organize donated articles of gently worn uniforms that are available for other families at no cost.  Donated articles of clothing must be laundered and without holes or stains. Thanks to those families who generously give uniform clothing that is no longer needed to help other families who could use them!

*  OLMC School Handbook (TBA) -- Dress Code Policy 

*  French Toast Uniform Flyer Sale Flyer


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