8th Grade

8th grade curric3

In 8th Grade, we complete all seven patterns of Shurley English.  Students are able to recognize all parts of speech in sentences, including the Object Complement, Nouns, and Adverbs.  Writing abilities are heavily focused on throughout the year, and sentence structure is expected to be descriptive, correctly written, and maintain a good flow.  Students are exposed to Verbals at the end of the year, which will greatly prepare them for high school writing exercises.  Students will exit the school year with a firm handle on both written and oral language.  

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The Advanced 8th Grade literature students will participate in a class called 9th Grade Literature.  This class will read novels such as Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Night.  These students will be taking a field trip to the Williamson County Courthouse in Marion.  In Spanish Class, the goal will be to prepare students for sophomore level Spanish Class in high school.  Students will master speaking in present and one of two past tenses.  They will develop a strong command of basic conversational skills and vocabulary as well.  

8th grade curric

There are a great many activities in 8th Grade as the students prepare to celebrate Confirmation and graduate into high school.  There will be a day of team building and confidence building exercises at Camp Ondessonk.  The 8th Grade 'Cake Bingo' will be held during the fall semester, with proceeds going to the end of the year Class Trip.  Students will head up the OLMC Recycling Program, perform the central theatrical play in the Annual Christmas Program and assist Father Ken with many responsibilities.  Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:         

                                Monday -- Music, PE
                               Tuesday — Mass

             Wednesday -- Confirmation/Study with Fr. Ken

                 Thursday -- PE, Study Hall/Scholar Bowl                                        
                                            Friday -- Mass

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