7th grade

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Students in Mrs. Smillie’s Religion Classes will begin with the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) in 6th Grade,  do the New Testament in 7th Grade focusing on the Acts of the Apostles, and the progress to Church History and Confirmation in 8th Grade.  All of the classes will also study a variety of saints’ lives in each grade level.  The three grades will also learn about social justice issues concentrating on the Holocaust of WW II.  Mrs. Smillie will try to arrange for a Holocaust survivor to come to OLMC at least every other year.  

Students will continue the development of Spanish vocabulary.  They will improve skills in listening and comprehension of information delivered in Spanish.  They will focus on mastering verb conjugation in the present tense and move on to familiarize themselves with the past tense as well.  Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:



                                     Tuesday -- Mass                            

                                Wednesday --
 Music, PE,                                                                 

                                    Thursday --
                                         Friday --

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