6th Grade

6th grade curric

Welcome to the 6th Grade!  This is an exciting year for students who are entering the first year of Middle School at OLMC.  For the first time, students will get to go to multiple classrooms with different teachers throughout the day.  Middle School also brings many new opportunities for students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.  For instance, in addition to our athletic opportunities, students can participate in Scholar Bowl, Student Council and Yearbook Committee.  


Some of the academic highlights this year will include the study of ancient civilizations in social studies and the study of biology in Science Class.  In Math Class, the students will study fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as the basic concepts of geometry.  Students in 6th Grade Reading Class will be reading some novels this year in addition to our textbook.  The novels will include Number the Stars and Pictures of Hollis Woods, as well as several other selections.  The students will have a full year of Spanish for the first time.  They will continue to build vocabulary and learn verb conjugations in the present tense.  Students will improve conversational skills, mastering basic sentence structure and word retrieval.  They will learn different cultural celebrations and norms of various Spanish speaking cultures.  Students will continue with the Shurley English Program in Language Arts Class.  Specialized scheduled activities are listed below:    


6th grade curric 2

                            Monday -- Music
                            Tuesday --
                       Wednesday -- 
                           Thursday --
                                Friday --

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